The Unbearable Lightness of Chocolate

Imagine a young passionate yet inexperienced man, trying to impress his dear lady with a gift. He's faced with two conflicting objectives. First, he wants to make an everlasting impact. He wants his gift to have some form of permanent impact on her. Old wises can ridicule him, telling how futile and greedy he is by pursing permanency in this world. However, even those cynical laughing crowd will have some sympathy towards this young inexperienced soul.

Secondly, he is afraid that his gift is not welcomed by her. What if the gift does not suit her taste? Even worst, what if the gift makes her angry or hostile? What if he succeeds at leaving an everlasting impression on her by upsetting her?

As he looked around the mall to find a suitable gift, he passed by a chocolatier. Chocolates - aren't they wonderful? The young man thought to himself. Sweet, bitter, deep, smooth, hence indulging. No one dislikes chocolates, or there's no reason to be hostile towards them.

But they are so volatile. Once they've all melted in her mouth, only its crumbs and wrappers would remain in the box. At some point, even this lonely box will be thrown out, leaving no traces of itself. Not even in her memory. Eventually, even he will forget the box of chocolate that he have poured his heart into. It's as if this box of chocolate have never exited in this world. That's bit sad, depressing, but isn't everything in the world like that? We think to ourselves that there's element of permanency in our lives. But everything will be forgotten, flushed into the oblivion...

"Sir, May I help you?", the clerk have awaken him from his train of thought.

"Yes, can I have a box of milk chocolate? Gift wrap it for me, please."

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  • :)

    I am still keeping the box :)