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Cookbook-style programming

This conversation surfaced during a debate with a friend, how working on hard problems on software engineering (AI, etc) is more fun and rewarding than working on plain-old CRUD web application. I like reading about research, implementing random algorithms that … Continue reading

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Problem of escaping in programming languages.

Almost any kind of textual data format, you'll have to implement escaping of some sort. For example: In programming languages, string literals are delimited by a quote or double-quote (' or "). Variants of SGML (including XML and HTML) uses … Continue reading

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Grepability 101

Programming in dynamically typed languages such as JavaScript or Python gives you a lot of freedom over how you structure your code. However, you lose a lot of powerful static analysis and refactoring tools that are available in languages like … Continue reading

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Judging a book by its cover

There's a popular English idiom, Don't judge a book by its cover. It means that you should not judge others solely upon their appearance or first impression. However, it's helpful to know that this phrase was first said in 1800s. Back … Continue reading

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The Unbearable Lightness of Chocolate

Imagine a young passionate yet inexperienced man, trying to impress his dear lady with a gift. He's faced with two conflicting objectives. First, he wants to make an everlasting impact. He wants his gift to have some form of permanent impact … Continue reading

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Graphomania - Desire to write

In his book The book of laughter and forgetting, Kundera makes a cynical criticism on graphomania - desire to write. The reason we write books is that our kids don't give a damn. We turn to an anonymous world because our … Continue reading

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Email notification whenever an user ssh to your Linux machine

TL;DR - Instructions Install pam_python module. This can be done in ubuntu by "sudo apt-get install libpam-python". Download the following script (, to a convenient location. I saved it to /lib/security/ In the file, modify the variables FROM_ADDRESS and … Continue reading

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Startup snippets

Few snippets of conversations I had with other people while running Polychart... Snippet #1 A: Do you guys have a website ready? B: No, but we will by this Friday. Snippet #2 A: But isn't it impolite to act so? … Continue reading

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On triviality

As a math student, one of my favorite mathematical jargon is trivial. In mathematics, a given problem or structure is trivial if it is relatively simple or well-understood. Some trivial structures in mathematics are semi-formally defined. Empty set, singleton group, … Continue reading

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A new year

Within several hours, it is going to be year 2012, and it is a good time to start a blog. -Jee

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