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An avid programmer. My interests span from software development to algorithms and mathematics. Challenging real life problems fascinate me. I love working with different levels of abstractions at once.

I was very fortunate to have diverse internship experiences during my university career. It started off as general software engineering - test automation and web development, but I specialized more into infrastructures and big data applications. I spent a year after graduation working on Polychart, a data visualization startup.

At the end of the day, I'm a generalist in heart. I still have much to learn, and I would love to dedicate my passion towards the company and the product that I believe in.

Work Experience

Software Engineer - Square (2013-current)

  • Everything infrastructure-y. Writing OLTP systems, evaluating and operationalizing databases, internal dashboards.
  • Tools: MySQL, Postgres, Riak, Graphite, AngularJS.

Cofounder - Polychart Inc (2012)

  • Technical cofounder in a data visualization startup.
  • Built a data visualization tool around grammar of graphics by Wilkinson.
  • Built a JavaScript charting library focused on customizability and expressiveness, loosely benchmarking Hadley Wickham's ggplot2.
  • Managed servers and created deploy processes.
  • Tools: Coffeescript, Python, SVG, d3.js, knockout.js.

Software Engineer Intern - Google (2010)

  • Built a latency profiling framework for Google App for Business team.
  • Created RPC trace analysis and validation tool as part of the above project.
  • Maintained continuous integration and build system.
  • Tools: Java, Python, Internal Google Tools.

Software Engineer Intern - ContextLogic (2011)

  • Early stage startup on targeted ads with focus in NLP.
  • Generated training data for document classification algorithm from public corpuses.
  • Created internal web tools to manage Hadoop jobs.
  • Created a tool to visualize the topic inferencing algorithm.
  • Tools: Python, C++, JavaScript, Hadoop, Hive, Amazon EC2.

Software Engineer Intern - Foodoro (2010)

  • Created social e-commerce website around aggregating social commerce websites.
  • Tools: Python, Django, JavaScript


Computer Science and Pure Mathematics - University of Waterloo.

Waterloo, ON, Canada (2007 - 2012)

  • Co-operative Program.
  • Graduated with Distinction - Dean's Honour List.
  • Major Average: 91.2, Cumulative Average: 87.7


  • Languages: Proficient in Java, Python, JavaScript, Coffeescript. Familiar with C++, Matlab, R.
  • Tools: Shell Scripting, LAMP stack, Amazon EC2, Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Selenium/webdriver, GWT, Hibernate, Django, D3.js, node.js, knockout.js.
  • Databases : MySQL, Postgres, Riak.

Awards / Scholarship

  • Velocity Venture Fund - $25,000 CAD grant, given by University of Waterloo, to fund student initiated startups.
  • University of Waterloo President's Scholarship
  • Nortel Networks Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Scholarship